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Why Email Is the Social Media Marketing “Secret Weapon”

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I know, it seems weird, right?

Email is supposed to be dead. These days it’s all about social networking, mobile marketing, and the latest and greatest hot new platform.

But here’s the thing. If you want to get your readers to take action (whether that’s buying a product or service, thinking in a new way, or changing a behavior), email is still the proven best way to make that happen.

In test after test, email comes out on top for influencing reader behavior. Ahead of social media, ahead of blogs.

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How Generate Can Help You Build Your List

e-mail envelope icon on a computer keyboard button.

First things first — why is it called Generate?

Because the Generate child theme was designed specifically to build your list. In other words, to capture the email addresses of people who want to know more about who you are and what you do, so you can make offers they may be interested in.

Even though “lead generation” is a marketing term, Generate isn’t just for marketing. It’s for anyone who wants to collect a database of email addresses, for further communication that persuades readers to take action.

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3 Simple Steps to Getting More Email Opt-Ins

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Some readers are going to know right away that they want to sign up for your email list. They might sign up immediately from your home page, or from a sidebar on one of your blog posts. But what happens when they don’t jump in right away? Is there a way to give them a […]

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Why We Made Generate Mobile-Responsive

Image of family using mobile phone

You might be wondering — what the heck is “mobile-responsive” anyway? Well, a mobile-responsive theme is the latest evolution in creating sites that look great across all kinds of devices — including the mobile phones and tablets that are becoming some of the most common ways our readers see our sites.

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Email Marketing Is Mobile Marketing

Image of person using mobile phone

So you want to boost your mobile marketing, right? That’s smart … mobile is the way to go, as mobile devices get wider and wider adoption. And what’s the very first weapon you should fire off in your quest for the mobile reader? Wait for it … Email.

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How to Build an Email List that Engages and Persuades

Abstract image of global connections

So, you’re convinced … you want to build an email list that engages your readers, builds a relationship, and persuades your audience to take the actions you want? How do you do that, exactly?

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